“Dominique Grimaud (aka Grimo) is a veteran of The French underground...” Daniel Spicer (The Wire)

Dominique Grimaud started his musical activities in 1970 with an improvisation and happening group formed by Jacky Dupéty. The group performed under the name Camizole until 1978. In that year, it merged with the group of Gilbert Artman Lard Free. Then Dominique Grimaud created with Monique Alba the duo Video-Aventures, whose first album ranked second in the charts of the magazine New Musical Express. Gilbert Artman, Jac Berrocal, Han Burhs, Guigou Chenevier, Cyril Lefebvre participated in this album.

Dominique Grimaud has been a fan since 1974 of analog synthesizers and the first samplers. From the 1990s, he integrated into his musical palette the sounds and techniques of the Delta blues, notably with the Franco-American quartet Peach Cobbler (with Rick Brown and Sue Garner). In the 2000s, he returned to electronic sounds and samples to perform solo or with guests. He has recorded several albums for French and American labels (with Pascal Comelade, Pierre Bastien, David Fenech, Michel Doneda, Christophe Petchanatz ...) Since 2012 he has formed a duet with the drummer Véronique Vilhet (ex-Johnny Be Crotte and ex -Royal de Luxe).

In addition, from the years 1977/1978 Dominique Grimaud chronicled the French musical underground post-68 by publishing the books Un Certain Rock (?) Français Vol. 1 and vol. 2 (9h17 productions). He has written in several journals and co-wrote with Eric Deshayes L'Underground musical en France (Le Mot et le Reste editions, 2008). From 2005 to 2013, he also assured, for Muséa-Gazul, the artistic direction of "Les Zut-O-Pistes", a discographic collection dedicated to the French underground.

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