Camizole 2018


Format: double LP vinyl
Label: Souffle Continu Records (France)
Recording date: 1977
Release date: 2018

“Rec of the day” by Byron Coley (Forced Exposure, The Wire...) october 2019

Dominique Grimaud: Synthi AKS, Korg 700, guitar, alto sax. Jacky Dupéty: tenor sax, percussions, vocals. Jean-Luc Dupéty: drums, tuba, trombone, trumpet. Françoise Crublé: alto sax, guitar. + Catherine Lienhardt: violin, alto sax, Christian Chanet: vocals. Mastering by Pierre Brousses (Carnunnos). Artwork by Stefan Tanneur.

This double vinyl includes the entire CD version released by Spalax Records in 1999, plus 20 minutes of unreleased music: a live and two pieces from a recording supervised by Pierre Lattès (pioneer of rock on television with Bouton Rouge and producer of Gong's Camembert Electrique, among others) and produced at the Maison de la Radio at the beginning of 1977. 8-page booklet created by Stefan Tanneur who knew how to highlight the vintage photographs of these wacky musicians we were. Also includes a biography of the group.


“Une expérience d'intensité cathartique totale qui laisse coi.” Laurent Catala, NEW NOISE.