Dominique Grimaud - 19 Feedbacks - LP - Discrepant Records 2020


19 Feedbacks

Format: LP vinyl
Label: Discrepant Records (U.K.)
Recording date: 2016 / 2017
Release date: 2020

Dominique Grimaud: samples and processing. Pre-mastering : David Fenech. Mastering and cut by Rashad Becker at D&M, Berlin. Artwork by Evan Crankshaw.

19 Feedbacks is a tribute to the music of my adolescence, approached from an experimental point of view.
The starting point was the very first feedback published on record in 1964 (the introduction of Beatles’s « I Feel Fine »). Then, the spectrum has been extended to other bands, which until 1969, in Great Britain and the United States, in a context of popular music (at least with the younger generation) were hungry for sound experimentation and innovation. It is interesting to note that in the following decade, in these two countries, the taste for experimentation disappeared among the most prominent musicians. It remained much more present among less famous bands and extended its geographic territory to Continental Europe. Particularly towards German rock, French libertarians and unclassifiable acts and more broadly « rock in opposition ».


“Dominique feels and knows what he's talking about. He lived those years. He knows the energy and the momentum and the historical breakthroughs that were made every time a rock band pushed the boundaries of commercial approval. He uses samples of feedbacks from that era and builds beautifully enigmatic sound-pieces around them. It's a brave new world of sound escapades and sonic ventures.» Quotes by DISCREPANT RECORDS