Camizole : Erahtic (1972 - Rotorelief, 2023)



Format: LP vinyl
Label: Rotorelief Records (France)
Recording date: 1972
Mixage date: 2016/2017
Mastering date: 2022
Release date: 2023

Dominique Grimaud: Zither, viola, flute, electronic. Pre-mastering by David Fenech. Mastering by Andreas Lubich. Artwork by Frédéric Tacer.

These are Camizole's very first recordings made in 1972 with a cassette recorder. The main instrument used is a self-built zither, a primitive lutherie completed from time to time with an alto violin and a flute. « The aim was to obtain new, dissonant, noisy sounds. The following year, when I bought my first synthesizer, I considered the instrument useless and destroyed it. In 2016 I wanted to rework these recordings with tools that appeared later, asking myself a decisive question : if I had had access to this material at the time, what would it have been like ? That's why I didn't remove or add anything, the pieces are delivered whole and without any editing. I only ran the original sound through pitches, delays, harmonisers, arpeggiator, reverse. Then I made a mix of the new tracks obtained. » The album was released on the luxurious label Rotorelief Records (Nurse With Wound, Conrad Schnitzler, Silver Apples, Sand, Jac Berrocal…).


“Le LP Erahtic ajoute désormais sa contribution à ce savant brouillage de pistes concernant l’identité artistique décidément mouvante de CAMIZOLE, et son contenu est de nature à achever de saper le moral des maniaques de l’étiquetage. En perpétuelle métamorphose, elle génère des humeurs instables, des contrastes ondulatoires, des textures flexibles, des résonances floutées… Erahtic lève en tout cas le voile sur un moment particulier de CAMIZOLE. Elle constitue irréfutablement une étape importante dans la construction (ou la déconstruction) du son CAMIZOLE.” Stéphane Fougères, RYTHMES CROISÉS