Camizole : Erahtic (1972 - Rotorelief, 2023)



Format: LP vinyl
Label: Rotorelief Records (France)
Recording date: 1972
Mixage date: 2016/2017
Mastering date: 2022
Release date: 2023

Dominique Grimaud: Zither, viola, flute, electronic. Pre-mastering by David Fenech. Mastering by Andreas Lubich. Artwork by Frédéric Tacer.

These are Camizole's very first recordings made in 1972 with a cassette recorder. The main instrument used is a self-built zither, a primitive lutherie completed from time to time with an alto violin and a flute. « The aim was to obtain new, dissonant, noisy sounds. The following year, when I bought my first synthesizer, I considered the instrument useless and destroyed it. In 2016 I wanted to rework these recordings with tools that appeared later, asking myself a decisive question : if I had had access to this material at the time, what would it have been like ? That's why I didn't remove or add anything, the pieces are delivered whole and without any editing. I only ran the original sound through pitches, delays, harmonisers, arpeggiator, reverse. Then I made a mix of the new tracks obtained. » The album was released on the luxurious label Rotorelief Records (Nurse With Wound, Conrad Schnitzler, Silver Apples, Sand, Jac Berrocal…).