Dominique Grimaud / Véronique Vilhet : Broken Saxophones


Broken Saxophones

Format: LP vinyl
Label: ADN Records (Italia)
Recording date: 2018, 2019, 2020
Release date: 2022

Dominique Grimaud: Alto and Baritone Saxophones, Bass Clarinet, Flute, Ring Modulator, Octaver. Véronique Vilhet: Drums, percussions, Voice. Jacky Dupéty: Alto and Barytone Saxophones on The four horses with Pink Wheels. David Fenech: Guitar on Alissa Song. Pre-mastering by David Fenech / Artwork by Dominique Grimaud.

"In Camizole, between 1974 and 1978, I had frequently experimented with an alto saxophone, whose sounds were reworked and distorted by the modules of a Synthi AKS. In these Broken Saxophones, I wanted to revive the invention of Adolphe Sax and these practices". The music also features the deep sounds of the bass clarinet, in communion and harmony with the pounding, pulsating and rhythmic sounds of the drums and percussion. The duo pushes a little further the complicity with David Fenech and the album allows the return, for the time of a track, of Jacky Dupéty, initiator in 1970 of the group Camizole. As for the ADN Records label (Recommended Italia), active since the beginning of the eighties, its wide catalogue includes legendary names such as Merzbow, Pierre Bastien, Conrad Schnitzler, Third Ear Band, Vidéo-Aventures, La 1919, Pascal Comelade...


“ “King Sax” declined in a big variety of moods, sometimes raw, sometimes filtered, sometimes groaning, sometimes subtle and harmonic but always obstinately broken. Very important is also the work of Veronique Vilhet with her percussion giving an unconventional rhythmical support to the evolution of all wind instruments.” IT’S PSYCHEDELIC BABY RECORD OF THE DAY

“You will find the original spirit of Camizole in this work… This Lp is a proof of how you can produce a real new unconventional sound nowadays without following the alternative music mainstream.” SOUNDOHM

“Dominique Grimaud et Véronique Vilhet composent là un répertoire de poésie aussi dense que légère.” Guillaume Belhomme, LE SON DU GRISLI

“ Aucun artifice, on tombe sous le charme, naturellement.” Eric Deshayes, NÉOSPHÈRES